Renting a Car After an Auto Accident in Atlanta

You are eligible to rent a car after being involved in an Atlanta area auto accident – whether your vehicle is totaled or not.

If Your Car Has Been Totaled

If your car is not drivable on a public road, then you may be entitled to a rental car. If the at fault vehicle determines liability is clear, then they should provide a rental car. If the at fault insurance carrier is taking too long to make a determination and you have rental car coverage on your own policy, then you can call your insurance company and get a rental car in accordance with the coverage that you purchased. Your insurance company does not require an accident report for the coverage to kick in.

Hiring an attorney will help this process go more smoothly and ensure that you can move on with your day-to-day life. Once you’ve hired a lawyer, he or she will call the other party’s insurance company and follow up with a letter stating that he or she represents you.

We will also give them your contact information, so they can handle the rental car. It is important to note that the firm may not act until it has an accident report and has spoken with the insured member.

Sometimes, the rental car contract will end when the insurance company offers you fair market value for your vehicle. Other times, you’ll be given a couple of days to return the rental and purchase a new car.

Make sure you determine the value of your vehicle before the other party’s insurance company makes an offer, as the numbers may be different.  If your car is not totaled out, you might be entitled to additional claims for Diminished value and Loss of Use claims.  Please contact our firm for more information about these claims.

If Your Car Can Be Repaired

If you’re involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault and your car is repairable, you need to take it to a body shop or a collision center. If you use a body shop, the insurance company will send you the check for repairs. If you use a collision center, the insurance company will send the check to the collision center directly. There are pros and cons for both, and don’t forget to seek the additional compensation for Diminished Value and Loss of Use.

If you have to choose a body shop for yourself, try to choose a repair shop that deals with insurance companies on a regular basis. They’re more likely to provide you with timely service.

Rental Car Coverage

Your personal car policy should have a clause that applies to coverage for rented vehicles. It is also possible that you will have to purchase additional coverage if you have a minimum limits policy and are renting a new car. There are lower tier companies that rent older cars for less, and your insurance may satisfy a lower tier company.

Remember, if you have a wreck in a rental vehicle and it is your fault, you will be responsible for the deductible and the company’s loss of use for that vehicle. Therefore, to protect yourself, you might want to purchase additional coverage to cover the deductible.

Get Help After an Atlanta Car Accident

If you were hurt in a Georgia automobile accident, it is important to hire an attorney. An attorney will help make sure you get the representation and protection you deserve. Before hiring one, you should have all the contact and insurance information from the other person involved in the accident. Make sure the other party involved has filed an accident report.


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