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  • Published: September 20, 2022

We often get asked by potential clients: Can I Fire My Personal Injury Attorney? Many people who hire attorneys to handle their personal injury cases are surprised to learn that lawyers can also be fired. Although there is no universal requirement for a client to keep an attorney on board, most clients do so out of convenience and because they…Read More

  • Published: September 14, 2022

Congratulations to Scott S. Cohen, who graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in August. Mr. Cohen has been practicing law since 2007. He is currently licensed to practice before all state and federal courts in Georgia along with the United States Federal and Supreme Court and has experience representing clients in personal injury matters. After selling his brokerage book in…Read More

  • Published: September 13, 2022

Personal injury lawyers have a lot of experience in helping people recover the compensation they deserve after suffering injuries and other losses due to other people's negligence. However, selecting the right lawyer for your needs can be challenging if you don't know where to start or what questions to ask. In this post, we'll give some advice on how to…Read More

  • Published: September 12, 2022

You've been injured in an accident. You understand your rights and the legal process involved at this point, but you still have questions. Who are the best lawyers in town? What should they know about your case? How much will it cost to hire them? Should I hire a lawyer at all? Here are some questions to ask when hiring…Read More

  • Published: September 8, 2022

We often get asked, what types of customers have you worked with? At Cohen & Sinowski, we work with clients from all walks of life. We've helped people who were injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip-and-fall incidents. We've also worked with families who lost loved ones due to wrongful death. Car accident If you’re going through a car…Read More

  • Published: September 6, 2022

How much does a personal injury attorney cost? Well for starters, we don't charge upfront costs or retainers. We only get paid if we win your case, and our fees are competitive with other lawyers in our area. You only pay if we win the case. No upfront cost, no retainers. We will only charge you if we win the…Read More

  • Published: September 6, 2022

My father was a personal injury attorney, and I followed in his footsteps. It's a career that has been good to me, as well as my clients. With my father being a personal injury attorney, it's not surprising that I became one too. When you're a kid, it's easy to assume that your parents are perfect. They're the ones who…Read More

  • Published: September 2, 2022

It's great that you have a passion for justice and are interested in pursuing it as a career. To become a lawyer, you'll need to attend law school and pass the bar exam before you can practice law. Law school takes three years and has two parts: core curriculum (required courses) and electives (optional courses). During your first year of…Read More

  • Published: September 1, 2022

What is your typical process for working with a new customer? Welcome to Cohen & Sinowski! We are glad that you have decided to contact us about your car accident. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important for us to gather all of the necessary information so we can determine how best to help you. We…Read More

  • Published: June 7, 2022

Fantastic Result at Mediation A few days ago, we were able to help a client reach a Fantastic Result at Mediation. It's always satisfying to be able to help a client find justice, especially when the client is up against such enormous odds. Being an advocate for clients means that we will work tirelessly until we have reached the best possible…Read More

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