Get answers to frequently asked questions about car accidents and property damage claims When you’re in a car accident, your car will most likely suffer some kind of damage, whether it’s a dent, scratch or something much more serious. This damage is defined as “property damage,” and depending on the extent of that damage, your… Read More

Call 404-800-CASH to talk to Cohen and Sinowski, P.C. about your car accident case. Your car goes down in value when it is damaged in an accident, and it does not matter which party is at fault. This type of accident is called a diminished value accident. Determining Vehicle Value Cars are purchased every day,… Read More

Contact the car accident experts at Cohen and Sinowski, P.C. for a free consultation. Cases based on accidents involving multiple cars often end up being complex and slow to handle. One car hits multiple cars. Fault is the easiest thing to determine, but past that, it gets complex. Injury Claims for Car Wrecks Involving Multiple… Read More

Georgia is plagued by an epidemic of DUI accidents, drunk driving incidents resulting in fatal consequences. According to the CDC, 3,699 people have died in drunk driving accidents from 2003-2012. One in three traffic deaths are attributed to the reckless driving behavior of an intoxicated motorist. Although only 1.4% of Georgia drivers admitted to driving… Read More

Reckless driving is often prosecuted more harshly than other traffic misdemeanors because of the damage it can cause to other people involved. Reckless driving shows a wanton disregard for traffic rules and for other drivers on the road. What Constitutes Reckless Driving? In order for a traffic violation to be deemed as reckless driving, there… Read More

T-bone, or broadside, accidents occur when the front end of one car collides with the side of another, forming a T shape. These types of collisions are most common in intersections, but can occur in any situation where vehicles are traveling in different or changing directions. The highest risk of injury is posed when the… Read More

Rear-end collisions are the result of the front end of one car ramming into the rear bumper of another. As one of the more common and generally less damaging form of collisions, rear-end collisions tend to not be taken seriously. However, as with any car accident, speed and size of the cars involved play an… Read More

Drivers often assume that as long as they maintain the speed limit, they’re driving at a safe speed on the road. While that driver may not be pulled over for a speeding ticket, in certain conditions, driving the speed limit can still be too fast for the conditions. If the driver cannot brake adequately, take… Read More

With daily use of a motor vehicle, the chances of being involved in an auto accident increase with each outing. Car accidents happen every minute of the day across the United States. When a vehicle is damaged during an auto accident, the car’s value may decrease, even if the necessary repair work took place. Some… Read More